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Grandeur is born of the infinitesimal — by Vacheron Constantin & le Louvre

Client : Vacheron Constantin
Producer : Carmella Guiragossian 
Director : Pierrick Jégou 
DOP : Tim Green
Brand Creative Director : Volker Gehr
Brand content coordiantor : Frederique Gyuran

Vacheron Constantin and the Louvre present a series of videos expressing a unique vision of the watchmaking art. These short films will take you on a journey into the workshops of the watchmaking Manufacture and the Museum in order to explore three themes: the “arts of fire”, “work with light” and “restoration”.
Enamelling artisans, specialists in guilloché craftsmanship, and watch restoration experts all share their experience, their skills and their passion in the mission of perpetuating and passing on a profound sense of heritage.


Light is the spirit that breathes life into any creation. Based on this principle, visitors are invited to discover the splendid galleries of the Louvre. An ancient sculpture or the details of an engraved vase serve to establish a dialogue between the work and the viewer, according to the angle and perspective. This skilful lighting is reflected in the work of Vacheron Constantin's master guilloché artist. The details of these motifs engraved on antique machines are revealed through subtle chiaroscuro relief effects created by the artisan’s expert touch. In contact with material, light becomes a messenger of beauty.


With the kiln of Vacheron Constantin’s master enameller and the forge of the Louvre's metal workshop, this introspection into the artistic crafts exercised by the two institutions offers an encounter with fire. The mastery of fire enables the blacksmith to shape the metal pieces essential to the presentation of the museum's works. The mastery of fire allows the enameller to set in place layer after layer of these miniature paintings that breathe soul into timepieces. The contact with flames awakens an unmistakable aura of grandeur.


Every creation has its own history, which Vacheron Constantin and the Louvre strive to perpetuate with accuracy and integrity through restoration. In the workshops of the Manufacture, the master watchmaker endeavours to give life and nobility to these historical models testifying to ancestral know-how. In the heart of the Louvre, the carpentry and cabinetmaking workshop offers a vision of the meticulous care required to craft marquetry furniture. The patina of the past is nothing without an ongoing concern to safeguard it.

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