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Zaria Forman, the new face of "One of not Many" — by Vacheron Constantin

Client : Vacheron Constantin
Producer : Guiragossian
Director : Pierrick Jégou
Talent : Zaria Forman
Brand Creative Director : Volker Gehr
Brand content coordiantor : Frederique Gyuran

A committed American artist, explorer and witness to changing landscapes, creates majestic pastel works based on some of the world's most remote places. Through her spirit of discovery and openness to the world, she embodies the Overseas collection alongside Cory Richards.

Vacheron Constantin decided to manifest this singular spirit by working with other talents whose character and creations rise from a never-ending quest for excellence, global diversity, and a sense of innovation and artistry. These visionaries and devotees are renowned originators in their own fields. They, too, embody the "One of not many" concept.

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