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Behind the scene
"One of not Many" — by Vacheron Constantin

Client : Vacheron Constantin
Producer : Guiragossian
Director & Photographer : Pierrick Jégou
Talent : Benjamin Clementine & Phil Poynter
Brand Creative Director : Volker Gehr
Brand content coordiantor : Frederique Gyuran
Singer-songwriter Benjamin Clementine, this "artisan musician" as he calls himself is in constant search of harmony and sonic perfection. Considered one of the most talented musical artists of his generation, he establishes himself as a multi-instrumental virtuoso, a contemporary poet and an outstanding vocalist.

To embody this unique spirit, Vacheron Constantin has chosen to collaborate with talents whose personality and work express the constant quest for excellence, openness to the world, and the spirit of innovation and creation. Visionaries and enthusiasts, they are recognized aesthetes in their own fields, also reflecting the idea of being "One of not many".

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