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by Benjamin Clementine

Client : Vacheron Constantin
Producer : Guiragossian
Director : Pierrick Jégou
Talent : Benjamin Clementine
Brand Creative Director : Volker Goehr
Brand content coordinator : Frederique Gyuran

Benjamin Clementine releases “Eternity”
A track born out of the creative venture between Benjamin Clementine, Vacheron Constantin and Abbey Road Studios.

Artist and poet Benjamin Clementine today releases ‘Eternity’, his first new recording in over a year, as part of a unique collaboration with Vacheron Constantin and Abbey Road Studios.

Inspired by the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde, one of Clementine’s favourite writers, “Eternity” is the artist’s personal interpretation of Wilde’s acclaimed poem The True Knowledge.

The elegant and emotional composition features Clementine’s vocal and piano embellished by a 12-piece string orchestra, led by cellist and long-time collaborator, Barbara Le Liepvre.

‘Eternity’ was recorded in Studio Two at the iconic Abbey Road Studios and was produced by Clementine. It features in Vacheron Constantin’s new communications campaign, ‘One of Not Many’.

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